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Kamloops is located in the Central Interior of British Columbia. With over 2000 hours of sunshine, world renown skiing and mountain biking, arts & music scene, foodie culture, and a vibrant technology startup community - how are you not here yet?

Thompson Rivers University - we call it TRU

Kamloops is home to Thompson Rivers University, providing top talent and research facilities and support for the startup community. In collaboration with Kamloops Innovation, TRU Generator provides mentorship & support for students and faculty exploring entrepreneurship. 

So much to do!

Kamloops Makerspace - make, create, build

Makeshift Kamloops - DIY pinterest crafts come to life

Padlock Studios - art, music, beer

Farmer’s Market - local produce and artisan gems

Kamloops Film Fest - movies, popcorn… what else do you need?

Brewloops - ferris wheels, bike crawls, cask nights

… and more!

Get *stuff* done

Need collaborative work space? Find yourself at:

Fueling Stations

Hop on over to Red Collar Brewing, Noble Pig, and Red Beard Cafe for the latest craft. 

Get caffeinated at the Art We Are, Cafe Motivo, PDK Cafe, Red Beard Cafe or find the Bellringer Bus. On campus? Check out Common Grounds.

Quick charge on your electric car? Head over to the Tournament Capital Center or Visitor Center.

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